AHAA is the only national trade organization representing the entire Hispanic marketing, communications and media industry. For the past 20 years, we have championed the Hispanic Market in corporate boardrooms and advocated for increased investment in multicultural marketing strategies – all while ensuring that experts with trusted Hispanic expertise were at the forefront of this discussion. We have taken a leadership role in the definition and correct implementation of Total Market Strategy, analyzing the positive Hispanic return on investment for numerous categories, and advocating for improved ROI measurement and modeling.

Through our thought leadership initiatives and groundbreaking research, we have helped organizations gain market share, increase revenue and grow profits by reaching and connecting with America’s Hispanic consumers. As such, our association has grown to represent more than 45,000 marketing, research and media executives who have trusted Hispanic expertise. 

Our Objective:

To bring Hispanic inspiration and innovation to every marketer in the U.S.

Our Vision:

Every Brand a Hispanic Marketer 

Our Strategic Directions:

1. To be thought leaders in advancing and evolving the role of Hispanic Marketing – on its own, as part of Total Market or multicultural. 

2. To educate the industry on best-in-class strategies by providing impactful research and professional training. 

3. To grow and retain a diverse membership base by enhancing the value of AHAA benefits.